Our drone inspection and imagery service is CASA accredited and delivered by operators that understand the maritime environment. We offer a low fuss, low footprint service that is both capable and responsive. We are certified to fly day and night and recently enhanced our capability with the addition of a thermal camera and live streaming service. Like all our services, we aim to support short notice and routine requests across Australia, working closely with our clients to ensure the desired products from any flight operations are met.

Thermal Imaging from Drone

The applications of this new and quickly evolving technology, particularly within the maritime industry, continue to be explored. Applications which have gained significant momentum include, but are not limited to:

  1. Aerial inspection of inaccessible, or high-risk areas e.g. ships hulls / mastheads, harbour infrastructure and waterways
  2. Aerial imagery in support of PR and marketing products
  3. Aerial imagery to support maritime training and operations. Examples include utilising drones to provide harbour pilots with situational awareness and obtaining imagery to support innovative training products.
  4. Aerial thermal imagery (as pictured).
  5. Support to maritime search and rescue operations, staged from a vessel or ashore.

MARS Maritime will confirm that all flight operations are CASA compliant as part of our service. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how this new and exciting technology can support your inspection and imagery needs.